Friday, September 9, 2011


Here we go again.
(I wrote this blog back in January, 2010, when we began talking about building our "Legacy Locators" business. It is interesting to go back and look at how different our life was at that time. We worked 8 days on and 4 days off with little time to spend on genealogy. Now we get up in the morning and get on our computers and go to work, in our casual clothes, consulting with those who hire us to find dead people.)

All we did was go to tithing settlement (like we always do at the end of the year) and all of a sudden we are setting out on a new adventure. We met with Bishop Dunn and asked him what he wanted us to do? It had been suggested by our Stake President that we go on a mission and then one Sunday the Ward Clerk had us make out some forms to be submitted for us to be temple workers. We were becoming kind of confused as to what the Lord was going to have us do next to justify our continued existence. Bishop Dunn said that we needed to get our finances in order or we couldn't do any of those things and asked us what we would like to do. Bill told him that he likes to do his family history. The Bishop jumped on that and said, "You can do a family history business! There are lots of clients that will pay you to look up their history and tell them they are related to the guy who invented the toaster." Bill and I just looked at each other and smiled. We had thought about trying a business doing genealogy but we did not think anyone had the money to pay us to look up their ancestors. Bishop Dunn assured us that there are still folks with lots of money who will spend it on things that they truly desire.
The Church declares the importance of temple work for all people. What an opportunity to be a part of the great work of linking all of our ancestors together into one big family. Just think of the blessings that this could bring to others as they are added to the giant family tree.

Bill and I got on our computers to learn all we could about doing family history work so we could start our business as quickly as possible. It was challenging to do this while working and taking care of 10 girls but we would squeeze in a few minutes here and there to read books or ponder internet lessons.
Our focus was to be on completing family history projects for customers. We wanted to search out their 4 generations and compile the genealogy and stories into a published book for them to share with their families and friends. We have the capability to link everyone to royalty as we are all related in some way as cousins, whether once, twice or three times removed.

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