Wednesday, November 12, 2008

The Name Is Blimes!

Valentine's Day 2008
Kaya Blimes
Nysa Blimes

This is the week that we are babysitting our youngest granddaughters.
That means that I am taking a kazillion pictures but I do not have the cord to download them to this computer so I have to use these pictures from last summer. Look forward to seeing lots more of them next week when I am back home and able to download. After reading Valerie's blog I must say that I agree with her that it is the rule for children to distort their faces whenever they see a camera pointed at them. Especially when I am trying to take that one most adorable closeup portrait to save forever.
Dillon called and talked to Bill this morning. Yes, he is in South Korea. It was late at night there so he said he will call tomorrow and talk to me. He is doing well but he sounded tired - that could be the lateness of the hour or pure tiredness of his body, goodness knows which. At least now I know that he is okay, just very far away.
Thank you, Savin, for going to Cambodia so that I can spend this special time with your daughters. You are a fantastic mom. You and Chad have done a wonderful job training these girls in the way of truth. They have sang songs to me,
prayed with me and shared their hugs with me, thank you.

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Valarie said...

They are so cute! I can't wait to see more pictures. It's good to hear that you know Dillon's whereabouts now. That picture of you and Bill is great. Jason saw and was like "Awwww, man!! Get a room!" heehee.