Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Here We Go Again or How To Buy A House In Lehigh Acres.

With our Realtor, Stel.
Checking out one of 26 homes.

Entering another home.

And another home.

Garage door with class.

Here we go into 408 Parkdale.
This is the one!!!

This is my new kitchen.
LOOK!! It even has appliances.

Master bathroom bathtub.

Great room with a wood burning fireplace.

Bill's media room for his TV and surround sound.

Third time is a charm. After 3 months of looking and 3 offers it is about time.

At 2:00pm today we put in an offer and by 4:45pm the bank accepted it. Now we will get a home inspection done - but this house looks good. It has air conditioning, doors, sinks and a fireplace. What more could we ask for?


Getting a GOOD Realtor is sooooo important. (Our Realtor is Stel Vodev with Century 21 and she is the best. Call her at 239-246-4023.) Looking at dozens of homes is also a part of the process. Looking at homes on the same day that President Obama is touring the area where you are buying your home (because it has more foreclosed homes than anywhere else in the USA) is also a must. Finding a home that you love that does not already have a contract on it is kind of nice, too.

All of the homes that we looked at were damaged by people who stole parts of them to sell. If a house has a water system for the well then you can bet that it doesn't have the AC condenser. From interior doors, to kitchen cabinet knobs, to the kitchen sink, parts of that home are just gone. When you find one that you like and it is close to being complete then you make an offer FAST. If you are not fast enough someone else will be making an offer on that house.

Having a GOOD loan officer is also important. (Our loan officer is Michael Gottlieb at Wells Fargo and he is good. You can call him at (239) 297-6868.) You will be pre-approved and sellers will want you to buy their house. However, if you go to the Wachovia Bank in Lehigh acres and ask them to make a copy of your savings account - so you can prove to your loan officer that you are a saver - be prepared that they may print it on bright red paper that will not fax well to your loan officer.

You also need a smart home inspector. We are using Dan Smart from JD Inspections because he was recommended from those we trust. You can reach him at 239-573-3246.
Most of all, one should have fun when buying a new home. Do it with someone that you love, and that GOOD Realtor, loan officer, and home inspector, and all will eventually fall into place and life will go on.

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M said...

Hooray! I have a bedroom! With doors! and floors! It don't get no better than that! I can't wait to see it.

Msteri said...

The house looks fantastic! Congratulations to you! When will you be moving?

sblimes said...

Our closing date is March 25th but we can close sooner if everything is ready. Since we are only in FL for 9 days each month I am already packing.