Monday, May 12, 2014

Vintage Baby Shower Decorating

The reason that I am willing to spend my time and energy collecting, cleaning, polishing, taking photos, wrapping and mailing wonderful, unique old stuff is because I love seeing the ways that customer's use these items.  It is nice to have a collection that sits on a shelf but I believe that true joy comes from making old items a part of your life style.

A little over a week ago I sold a vintage wooden rocking horse to a customer who bought it to set the theme for a baby shower.  It was called a reveal shower because the mother was planning to announce the sex of her new addition.
This is the photo and the comment that the customer sent to me.  The reveal party was a hit and it's a girl! There were several comments about the cute rocking horse and when the party was over the mama-to-be asked for the rocking horse. It is now on the nightstand in the nursery and being loved once again. Thanks!

My thank you to this nice customer who sent me a picture and her comment.  Made my heart happy.  Don't you just love this cake?  So clever.

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