Thursday, October 30, 2008

We Didn't Want That House Anyway!

It is only the most impressive "grandma" home I have ever seen. A place that all of my children, grandchildren, friends and relatives can comfortably fit to visit, even all at the same time. Of course the old wiring would have made it impossible for them to plug in and use their hair dryers because it did not have enough amplicity (or some kind of electrical word and means not enough amps). Flushing the toilet might also be entertaining with the fountains of water splurting out of the old pipes and washing down the walls. In fact we might all be washed away by the rain cascading past the crumbled sheathing that is suppose to support the roofing shingles. The columns in the entry stand like sentinels guarding the dry rot and decay that lurk beneath intricate floorboard patterns created by some long gone craftsman. I loved that house and now I must let it go and get on with my dream of retiring in warm, sunny Florida. It isn't all bad, is it?


Katie said...

That is the prolem with old houses they put so much work into them originally, not like these new cookie cutter houses, but then they are forgotten about and fall into decay. You will just have to finish turning your florida house into your dream house. i love you mom

M said...

If you are supposed to find a house in Ohio, you will. The right house is out there waiting for you. And maybe it IS the house in FL that is waaay closer to me. I sure love that house and the lake.

Valarie said...

My mom told me about the house issues. That stinks. Although this does mean we can still bum the house here off of you when you are away?? :) heehee So, it ISN'T all bad!!

P.S. I am so glad youa re blogging!! Isn't it fun??