Monday, March 30, 2009

How To Almost Buy A House!!!

It has been an exciting ride. We've dodged a few pot holes. It is almost a done deal. The money was wired this morning (we had to drive all of the way to Virginia to a Wachovia). The papers never arrived by Fed Ex (oops on the part of the closer who did not get them to her local Kinkos early enough on Sat.). Did you know there is a national company that will send a notary to your home for an emergency document signing party? They will even deliver it to Fed Ex and send it back to the inept closer for you. The closer does have my sympathy though. She has a cold and it is the end of the month and they are super busy and she had to work late on Fri. and most of Sat. Not a job that I would ever want again. It was also partly the fault of the lender because they did not get the documents to the closer until Fri. The lender was still bugging us on Thursday for more information (like the actual name of the owner of the house-as if we would know). It turned out to be Deutsch Bank. Who would guess? So now we will sleep peacefully and see what tomorrow will bring. It might be the dawn of a new chapter in our lives with our beautiful new home and all of it's challenges. (I am going to buy a garage door opener) Good Night!