Monday, April 6, 2009

Our New Home

We are beginning to accept the fact that we now own another home. Actually we own 2 homes and when we go "off" tomorrow it will be a challenge to move from 1 home to another in 9 short days. After a plane ride to Dundee and a good night's sleep tomorrow we will arise early Wed. and drive to Lehigh Acres and meet with our tile man to decide how much tile Bill and I will buy later in the day. We will also meet with a locksmith and a handyman to get things moving while we are back in Dundee packing the "stuff" that is lying around that house. It just makes sense to tile the great room area and the bathrooms before we move everything into the house. Hopefully we will get it all arranged and get back to Dundee so we can pack on Thurs., Fri, & Sat. Sunday we will attend church and rest. Monday the movers come at 9:00am and shift all of our junk into a truck and transport it to Lehigh Acres and put it in our beautiful new home. Mon., Tues. & Wed. nights we will sleep in our new home and then on Thurs. we will drive back to Dundee and set things up to stage that house for selling and catch our plane back to NC by 3:00pm. We come back on duty at noon on Fri. the 17th. This schedule should keep us busy and out of trouble but does not provide much resting time. We are just so thankful to have a well constructed home at a price that we can afford while we ponder upon retiring with a much smaller income. We have gone from "poverty" to "plenty" and are not wanting to be too poverty prone. I am sure that we will always have some type of income producing activity so that we can afford to travel a bit and eat (basic necessities). Life is very good and we are blessed with health and with each other at least for a little while longer. So many of our ancestors died younger than we are which is not all that bad since they missed out on bodies that grow old and trying to live on a too small income when you are way too old to earn much money. Faith keeps us going and laughter keeps us smiling. We love all of you out there who read this and hope you enjoy our ramblings.