Monday, October 13, 2008

I Love This House

This is the coolest house I have ever seen. It is out in the Ohio hills but in a small community. It was built in 1936 for an executive of a coal mine or a tile making factory (or whatever it is called where they make bricks and pretty tiles for flooring and stuff). The floors in the parlor and living room are hardwood and form a gorgeous pattern. We learned this when the realtor was showing us the house and we were standing in front of the ornate fireplace in the front parlor staring at the stained, smelly and dingy carpet. "Bet that the floor under this is hardwood", I said, conversationally to the realtor, Joe. "I'll just pull this corner up a little so we can see." (Gasping noises as I get my first glimpse of beautifully preserved wooden flooring creating an intriguing pattern on what is just a small area of the floor.) "How about you giving me a hand to pull this back a little farther?" When the carpet is pulled up halfway across the room I let Joe stop tugging and we just stand and stare at the beautiful pattern of squares created by thin strips of wood in almost pristine condition since the ugly carpet served to protect it for umpteen years. I love this house. It is the home that I want to spend my final years in, no matter how long they may last. I don't care if it gets cold in the winter. I love the change of seasons and I'm tired of being hot in Florida. So today we contacted our realtor, Joe, and we are going to make an offer. Whoopee!!! Here we go again. If you want to see my house here is the web address

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Valarie said...

My mom told me you bought a new home. It is beautiful!! I told Tracy it's too bad the rest of us here can't afford to just buy your house near Orlando and keep it for when we want to go over there. :) Congrats. That is really exciting!