Wednesday, January 21, 2009

I'm A Granny Again!

Congratulations to my daughter, Katie, and her husband, Mike.

The latest name in our family is Victor William Szot, named after his grandpa Bill. He came into this world on January 12th in Reno, Nevada. He is joining his family of 2 brothers and a sister and, of course, his very excited mommy and daddy.

Actually, this is not a picture of Victor (or Little Bill, as we may call him). Victor has lots of beautiful brown hair. This is a picture of his brother, Duncan, but they look so much alike (and I don't have a picture to upload yet of the new little one) so I am using this one. Hopefully his mom will read this and send me a "real" picture of the right brother to announce his arrival. All of the Szot boy babies look similar but they are usually kind of bald - like this picture. I have a picture of Victor on my cell phone but I do not have a cord that will enable me to download it to my computer. So, I am stuck with this picture, but isn't he cute? Take my word that Victor is just as adorable.

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Valarie said...

Sooo cute!! Tell her I say Congrats!